Share Draft Accounts

Regular Share/Savings Account: This is the primary share of the Credit Union. With a small $5.00 deposit when you open your account gives you part ownership of Wyrope. Your "Share Account."

Share Draft/Checking Account: Our regular Share Draft/Checking account is an interest bearing checking account on any balance that you have in your account. No per check fees, free debit card and we will overdraft funds from your savings account to cover a check if the funds are available (3 times at no cost).

New Beginnings Draft/Checking Account:  This account is for ages 17 to 24 that are college bound.  While this account has many of the same features as our Share Draft account, our college students have the flexibility to switch their address between home and school for FREE.  Plus up to 20 FREE ATM Transactions per month! 

Senior Draft/Checking Account: This was designed for our members ages 55 and over. This is a non interest bearing account. There is no per check charge and your basic checks are completely free! You will still  have unlimited check writing abilities and a free debit card.

Auxiliary Share/Savings Account: No minimum balance required to keep in the auxiliary share account. This account is an extra savings account to put money away for taxes, schooling, or anything you would like. This account is not accessible through an ATM for withdrawals.

Share Certificates: Our Share Certificates range from 6 month terms, 1 (one) year, 2 (two) year, 3 (three) year terms all starting with a minimum deposit of $500.00.

Builder Share Certificate:  A $100 minimum deposit is due upon opening a 12 month (1 year) Builder Certificate.  A monthly direct deposit is required into this account.  You can not deposit more than $499.99 to start. If 90 days passes without a deposit, the certificate is matured and a 90 day penalty will apply for early termination.