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Visa Credit Card

You can apply for a Wyrope Platinum VISA Credit Card through your credit union for a low interest line of credit up to $30,000. You credit limit is determined by your credit review and income/ability to repay. Currently, the interest rate is 9.99%-15.49%* for both purchases and cash advances. There is a 25 day grace period, no fee for cash advances, and no annual fee for having the card.

Summary of Terms

Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases 9.99-15.49*% A.P.R.
Annual Percentage Rate for Cash Advances 9.99%-15.49*% A.P.R.
Grace Period for Repayment of Balance for Purchases 25 days
Annual Fee None
Transaction Fee for Foreign Purchases 1%
Cash Advance Fee None
Late Payment Fee $5.00
Over-the-credit-limit Fee None
Minimum Finance Charge None
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)

  • A $20.00 fee will be charged for any share drafts or checks returned due to insufficient funds.
  • Print Date: January, 2009
  • Disclosures are accurate as of the print date and may be changed after that date.
  • Contact your Credit Union for any changes in the above information.

Check out the benefits your Credit Union card has to offer!

  • Enjoy the low rate of 9.99%-15.49%* on purchases and 9.99%-15.49%* on cash advances when you use your Credit Union VISA Card.
  • Eliminate interest charges on purchases when you pay the balance in full within the 25-day grace period.
  • Pay off your existing charge cards, switch to a Credit Union VISA Card, and save!
  • Use your Credit Union VISA Card at more than ten million locations worldwide.
  • Cash advance available at your Credit Union and most ATMs.

Credit Card Online Access

Beginning June 19th, you can access your credit card information from this button.

Credit Card Online Login

Customer Service: 855-756-5751
Lost/Stolen: 855-756-5751
Card Activation: 800-631-3197
Cardholder Selected PIN: 888-886-0083

Payment Address

PO Box 37603
Philadelphia PA 19101-0603